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Can I book a table in the garden?
We are very sorry to say that as the garden is our only outdoor location we feel its only fair that it is used on a first come first served basis.

Can children come? What about dogs?
Kids and canines are welcome until 8pm. All dogs will be showered with kisses.  We do operate a 21 and over policy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights after 8pm.  If you are lucky enough to look under 25 you will need to bring valid ID to prove your age.  

Can I decorate tables for a special occasion?
Why of course you can. You can even bring a cake and we’ll keep it fresh for you until the candles are lit.

Do you do a corkage deal or can we supply our own food?
Unfortunately not, given that our primary business is food, drink and fun its pretty important that we supply these.
Please however feel free to bring FUN as there is no corkage charge for bringing your “own fun”.

Can I specify a particular table or area?
Whilst we are unable to guarantee specific tables or areas in the pub we do take your preference into consideration and we always try our best to work to people’s requests wherever possible. Tables are allocated on a first come first served basis.

How does the deposit system work?
Before we confirm your booking on a it is likely that we will send you a secure email asking for you to fill out a card authorization equivalent to the amount of £2 per head as a holding deposit for your table. The Card authorisation does not debit immediately from your account. Its designed so that you can authorize us only to take the specified amount in the event of a no show on the evening of your booking or should you cancel without giving us 24 hours prior notice. There are no other circumstances that we will debit your card or take the authorized amount without prior consent.

Can I change my booking time or number of attendees even if I have paid a deposit? 
You can indeed. Just get in touch with us and let us know. We may need to adjust the holding deposit  but only if there is a significant increase in numbers.

What happens if we are running late for our booking?
We only hold tables for 30 minutes after the specified time for your booking however if you are running late then do please tell us on 0207 2236927 and we will try our best to hold your table for longer wherever possible.

Will I have to queue outside if I have a booking?
No. As long as you turn up on time for your booking then you and your guests will be able to access your table immediately for up to 30 mins after your booking. Any guest arriving half an hour after your allotted booking time may have to wait in our priority queue which runs until 10pm.  After 10pm there will be just one queue for everyone.

How big are the tables and areas I can book?
We accept bookings between 15-80 people however we can offer bespoke packages for larger parties in our upstairs Arcade.

Can I book an exclusive or private area?
Unfortunately not, we book areas but prefer to leave each space open to one and all.

I’ve received a card authorisation email. How long do I have to decide?Unfortunately we fill our bookings on a first come first served basis. The sooner you return the details the sooner we can confirm your booking. Until such time your booking remains an enquiry and subject to first come first served terms on confirmation.

How do you solve a problem like Maria?
Gin, obviously, and we’ve got a lot of that.


• Minimum 15 person booking on a Friday or Saturday night
• Latest booking on Friday and Saturday is 8.30pm
• A booking does not guarantee immediate entry
• We operate priority queuing only for confirmed pre-booked guests.
• We will only hold your table for 30 minutes after the time specified on your booking unless informed of late arrival.
• We may request holding deposit of £2 per person on Friday and Saturday evening before confirming your booking.
• Garden closes at 10.30 however on occasion may close earlier.
• We don’t take bookings for our back garden.
• Food service ends at 10pm. All food orders to be placed at the bar before then
• For capacity reasons some small tables may be removed from the venue after 9pm
• No guaranteed table in the Boathouse during our comedy night.
• We retain the right to refuse entry in accordance with our licence and Wandsworth licensing objectives.