Christmas Buffet Menu

Charcuterie Selection cured meats- Parma ham, Chorizo and Salami Milano, served with flatbreads, Padron peppers, caperberries and cornichons.

Mezze (vg) Selection with Padron peppers, hummus, flatbread and falafels (vg) 

White corn tortilla chips (gf) (vg) Served with guacamole dip 

Beetroot Cured Salmon Gravlax (gf option available) Served with goat’s cheese cream on crostini 

Goat’s Cheese and Kale Tartlet (v) On crispy short crust pastry

Pigs in Blankets  (GF available) Dingly Dell pork sausages wrapped in crispy smoked bacon served with English mustard dip 

Vegan Nuggets (vg) Vegan chicken style seitan nuggets served with cranberry dip

Turkey Tacos (gf) Shredded Norfolk turkey with cranberry salsa, topped with crisp fried Brussel sprouts on a white corn tortilla.

Jamon Croquetas Jamon infused luxurious béchamel sauce encased in crisp panko breadcrumbs.

Roasted Squash Tacos (vg) (gf) Spiced roasted butternut squash topped with crispy kale and pomegranate salsa served on white corn tortilla

Churros (v) Dusted with cinnamon sugar served with chocolate sauce