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Close your eyes. Imagine your perfect place when you were growing up. Can you see a remote-control car racing track? Thought so. Retro arcade games? Mini-golf? Virtual reality games? What are you, Nostradamus? Anyway, it’s all there, and so much more in the Arcade, a huge Victorian dancehall now devoted to pure fun. Added to that are two of the best immersive games in London, presented by Handmade Mysteries. Never a dull moment on your night at the pub. 


Arcade Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 7pm-11pm
Friday: 6pm-2am
Saturday: noon-2am
Sunday: 1pm-9pm


remote controlled race track

Moonshine raceway


cars in a bar

London’s newest adrenaline fuelled experience lands at The Four Thieves. 

Grab your closest pals, rivals and arch enemies and battle head to head, shoulder to shoulder, bumper to bumper in a race against 10 players for ultimate supremacy in the hottest “true to life motorsport experience”.

A race with us requires no previous motor racing experience and the action is open to drivers of every age and ability. 



  • Critter Racing
  • Ice Hockey

    bleeding edge virtuality gaming



    ready, headset, go!

    The UK’s first dedicated Virtual Reality gaming installation has arrived at The Four Thieves! Come and try the ultimate in Next Generation VR Gaming and Entertainment.

    Battle your demons in a totally 21st Century way, on a screen right in front of your face, while you wave your arms about to the amusement of all around you. Blow off some serious steam as you wreak havoc and generally smash everything to bits in your own private virtual realm. 

    What could make this an even better idea?
    Putting it in a pub, that's what.  




    Finally it's here - the VR game where you can fly and shoot your friends. Or, join an inter-pub game for up to ten player mayhem. With a jetpack in one hand and a gun in another, navigate the floating village as you hunt down your friends.


    Team up with your friend in the VR booth next to you and fight off waves of aliens using oversized guns. Over-the top action that allows pairs of people to play together.


    Join up as a group and go on an epic Quest together. With full voice chat and great character expressions, you really are all in it together. Take up bows or swords and try to defeat the Dungeon. If someone dies, then a high-five will bring them back to life. Once you've tried multiplayer VR nothing will be the same again!


    Stand atop your castle and defend it against the cartoon horde of invaders. Incredibly satisfying archery action. A regular favourite.


    indoor mini golf



    Time to sink a few

    Golf always looks like such fun, right? It is. But there are certainly some downsides...

    It's not usually played in a pub, is it? There's obviously something to be said for fresh air and that, but it sure don't beat hitting a sweet shot and being handed a pint. You never see that Rory McIlroy celebrating a Birdie with a beer, even though he actually has a caddy who probably wouldn't mind carrying it for him. Well, we're here to put that right. The guys from the amazing Plonk have squeezed in so much fun and colour into the front half of the games room and it’s only £6 a game, no matter how bad you are.  No pre booking, simply turn up and get swinging.


    Opening Times

    Mon to Thurs: 7pm-11pm
    Fri: 6pm-2am
    Sat: 12pm-2am
    Sun: 1pm-9pm


    immersive escape room

    lady chastity's reserve


    get. out. now.

    Solve the sordid secrets of Lady Chastity’s vineyard in time to win her fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine, but hurry, she doesn’t suffer idiots lightly. This new immersive gaming experience promises to be an entertaining and exciting challenge for you and your friends.

    The game has been described as ‘the next generation of the ‘escape room’ format, offering surprising challenges throughout, while involving a ‘Punchdrunk’ twist with a comedic tale of mystery. This immersive story plunges players into the action, much like a dark ‘Secret Cinema’. Lady Chastity’s Reserve is proud to be dubbed as 'the Crystal Maze on crystal meth’.